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To get in touch with FLEX-C-MENT Distributors or Installers in the following countries please contact :


E-Mail : info@dekorbeton.com
Phone : + 90-216-457-8047 or + 90-533-516-5074
Fax : + 90-216-457-8046
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt 
  • India 
  • Ireland 
  • Poland  
  • Russian Federation
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia 
  • Turkey, DBS LTD, info@dekorbeton.com, Tel: 0216 457 80 47
  • United Kingdom 
DBS Limited continue to recruit Installers and Distributors throughout Europe, The Middle East, Asia & Africa. The best way to find out what is involved is to join one of our regular
Flex-C-Ment Training Seminars for hands-on experience and the chance to meet and explore your opportunities.


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Contact your local Flex-c-ment
companies by email

Phone: 0090-2164578047