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Masonry Product

From the Stone Age, we have been using masonry products for construction purposes. Your search for the best quality masonry products like bricks, sand, stone, mortar or any other masonry material ends here. Mortar is a binder. It is used to stop water seepage or to seal joints in the walls. With the DBS formulation of these masonry products and bound by mortar one can design a strong and sturdy structure. The end result with DBS products, which helps build a sturdy and flexible structure, is what matters in the long run.

DBS masonry products are a vital component in every construction for the following reasons:

? Strength enhancement
? Gives the structure a permanent sturdy appearance
? Heat resistant
? Versatility
? Easy installation
? Varied size, shape and color
? Can be suited to meet personal needs

masonry products used in a driveA masonry wall can be built by assembling these masonry products together. DBS Mortar when used in a masonry wall not only binds the masonry products but it also acts as a water barrier. The masonry wall should be built with quality masonry products because it is always exposed to the vagaries of nature and should be able to withstand it.

DBS Concrete masonry products come in different shapes and textures to enhance any architectural style to meet your personal needs. Here, the architect /engineer know about the intricacies of the masonry products being used hence they bring out the best aesthetic designs. Our specially trained staff advises and helps in selecting the right products which is value for money. Our commitment is to ensure quality by giving our customers preferred products and services to give their walls a natural and artistic look similar to more expensive materials.


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