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Natural Stone Flooring

What is ?Natural Stone Flooring??

Among the vast options available for flooring, Natural Stone Flooring is a popular choice. This type of flooring is used on concrete floor applications and as the top coat when overlaying wood surfaces.

Here, with DBS Natural Stone flooring we assure you a durable and sturdy floor to match your aesthetic or contemporary tastes. Long lasting floors also give protection from erosion. DBS Natural Stone Flooring is a choice for a lifetime. This dry mix is mostly used in high traffic areas like kitchen or at the entrance of the house. Because of its high density and extra fine mix it remains durable and sturdy and hence can be used both interiors as well as exteriors.

Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring

? Long lasting
? Does not crack
? Durable
? Moisture resistant
? Slip resistant
? Variety of colors
? Universal availability

DBS Natural Stone siding looks as good as natural stone bringing you closer to nature. It has special additives to withstand extreme temperatures. They are also insect and pest proof. With all these advantages, natural stone siding though initially expensive is a good investment as it is value for money.

DBS Natural Stone Walls have been the natural choice because it is specially formulated to resist air blisters and shrink cracks. Its easy application while installing leaves no mess which is another plus point for taking home DBS Natural Stone Walls. It has a track record of elegance and durability and hence can also be used for sidewalks, driveways, porch, patios and swimming pool decks.


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