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Natural Stone

What are ?Natural Stones??

Technology has given us specially engineered stones that not only looks like natural stone but it also gives you all the qualities of a natural stone. At DBS, we can provide a variety of Natural Stones for your customized tastes. These are long lasting and durable and are available in a variety of colors & shape. These natural stones are able to withstand the furies of nature and it is available at an affordable price. DBS Natural Stones assure quality and value for money.

Advantages of Natural Stone:

Natural stone look in a garden settingDBS? Flex-C-Ment Natural Stone is considered to be the best for the following advantages:

? Sturdiness
? Can be easily adapted for any type of flooring
? Easy to apply internal or external
? Can be re-polished or painted
? Do not develop cracks or breaks easily
? Variety of colors, sizes and texture
? No fading of colors
? Withstands wear and tear of harsh weather
? Cost effective
? Lightweight
? Excellent bonding agent

Because of its flexibility DBS Natural Stones are easy to apply and hence they are also used to resurface countertops. It can also be used to create a Natural Stone Fireplace. At DBS, we can also mix and match the stones to unearth the aesthetic beauty of natural stone. The Natural Stones effect on any surface is amazing. It creates a fine balance between ethnic beauty and a contemporary look


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