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Wall Coating Product

Textured Wall Coating Material

Decorative or textured concrete products are a type of wall coating material which decorates any wall surface and replicates a realistic brick wall or natural stone by texturing the wall.
Wall textures can be used on a new wall or to renovate an old wall. Wall coating material can be applied on wood, concrete or stone surfaces. It is widely used today because of its quality of keeping the wall durable and elegant in spite of being subject to harsh weather conditions.

wall coating materials used on exterior of houseThe advantages of textured wall coating material are:

Easier to clean and apply
No odour
Easy to dry
Can be used on a variety of substrates
Environment friendly
Adaptable to existing d?cor
Can be colour co-ordinated

Wall coating can be designed in such a way that it could make the room appear much bigger. Our professional installers can colour coordinate with the furnishings and brighten the room. It retains its gloss because of its resistance to fungus formation and chalking.

DBS Ltd. brings you a unique wall coating product that allows you to create decorative wall texture with its renowned Flex-C-Ment. Patterned concrete or decorative concreting is setting a trend in unique wall finishes. This type of concreting replicates natural stone or brick walls at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to ensure your walls get a unique patterned or decorative concrete finish.

Dekorbeton can meet all your decorative concrete needs including concrete stamps suitable for vertical applications including brick siding installations.
Or find your local installers.

Becoming a certified installer or distributor of our decorative concrete overlay requires
3 days of training. International training courses take place periodically in Istanbul. 



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