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Wall Overlay System

What is a ?Wall Overlay System??

Wall Overlay Systems are layers of cement formulations designed specifically for deep wall textures creating that realistic 3D appearance of various stone and brick patterns created with stone overlay and brick overlay which gives it a natural sheen with a contemporary and traditional look.

Advances in technology has given a wide variety of choices for our walls but if you are in search for the natural look, look no further, our proprietary Wall Overlay System bring you closer to nature. No product comes as close to this exclusively formulated, aesthetic design. Its rough surfaces do not trap moisture, so you can say goodbye to cracks and craters in your walls. After years of exposure to harsh weather conditions, it stands rock solid in all its natural glory. It comes with life long durability and sturdiness.

Advantages of Wall Overlay System:

Wall overlays in a restaurantThe cement overlay system for walls has created a niche for itself due to its key advantages such as:

? Durability
? Can be easily adapted to any surface
? Do not develop cracks easily
? Cost effective
? Withstands wear and tear of harsh weather
? Can be designed uniquely
? Lightweight
? Easy to apply
? Gives a rich look

Wall Overlay System can be applied to both interiors as well as exteriors like driveways, pool decks, patios, porches and more. At DBS, our specialized Flex-C-Ment and Wall Mix enhances the natural surrounding of the landscape.

DBS Wall overlay systems can be applied on a variety of substrates like drywall, wood, masonry and various other surfaces without requiring a foundation. The wall overlay systems does not fade in harsh sunlight. It is also moisture resistant. Its hassle free maintenance has made it a must in every new project. In spite of having a lot of choice in the present market, DBS wall overlay system is becoming a part every architect?s signature style.



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