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Three basic components of the wall system
The Flex-C-Ment wall system has three basic components:

  • Primer ? A strong bonding agent that adheres the overlay to just about any vertical surface including drywall, wood, masonry, Styrofoam, and painted or glazed walls.
  • Modifier ? Used in micro flex, accent enhancer, Underlay Mixes, and misting during color hardener applications.
  • Flex-C-Ment Wall Mix ? Lightweight, insulating cementitious material packaged dry in 22kg bags. Designed specifically for deep wall textures and can be applied at thicknesses of up to 7cm without sagging. Available in two types: a gray wall mix for general interior or exterior use, and a white wall mix for lining the walls of swimming pools or ponds (can be submersed in water).
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