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Flex-c-Ment Vertical Stamped Concrete

Install Decorative Walls on-site, Fast & Competitively
with Flex-c-Ment's Vertical Overlay System

Brick & Stone Wall overlaysFlex-c-Ment's vertical overlay system benefits include:
  • Formulated for a wide range of vertical surfaces inc.
    drywall, wood, masonry and various other surfaces
    without requiring a foundation layer.
  • Advanced colouring techniques.
  • A wide range of color schemes.
  • A wide range of textured stamp designs.
  • Lightweight, insulated & breathable, non-sag coatings
    up to 3cm thick.
  • Long lasting & robust decorative walls.
  • Suitable for internal and external sites.

Lower labour costs than using
Bricks & Natural Stone

Vertical Stamped Concrete wall installation costs less with;
  • Very little preparation work.
  • Fast, attractive installations with no limits to the number of
    brick courses that can be installed in the day.
  • Easy application for your trained Flex-c-Ment installers.
  • Easy transportation of materials to site with no loss of material.

Decorative concrete stamping

Stamp sample, random stone with warm coloursVertical concrete stamping is the perfect canvas to replicate other expensive materials with improved functionality and durability.
Not only for your walls and floors, you can use
decorative stamped concrete for your driveways,
pool decks, patios, porches and more.

You will benefit from the flexibility and durability of stamped concrete overlay while maintaining a natural and artistic look of more expensive materials.

Dekorbeton can meet all your decorative concrete needs including concrete stamps suitable for vertical applications including brick siding installations.
Or find your local installers.

Becoming a certified installer or distributor of our decorative concrete overlay requires
3 days of training. International training courses take place periodically in Istanbul. 

Watch the video below, visit our Training Pageor mail to info@dekorbeton.com  

Flex-c-ment from cem yıldız on Vimeo.

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